what a day this has been


Today was beautifully full. The kind of day that was good-busy, but busy nonetheless. Aside from getting seriously loved on by our amazing family…

I blinked. After ­­____ years of not having my eyes check, I finally went in. While I am NOT following in the footsteps of my fabulously "spectacled" parents, I will need to start wearing glasses for driving at night. I picked out my glasses, and had my pupils looked at. Trippy.

He got cozy. The plan was to leave the kiddos with their Grandma and Aunt while I got caught up on homework. Guess what? Turns out you can’t read for a few hours after dilation. So, little Zack got to do what I would have loved to do, but I instead caught myself with my shades on, squinting at a computer screen, still unable to make out what the teacher wanted us to do. So, thank goodness for interruptions.

I snuggled. OK, so this is the best interruption a person could get. Got the call that our good friends, Erica and Jose, had just met her precious baby boy, Josiah Dean. I hopped in the car, picked up my bestie, and headed over to PV to congratulate the parents. I cried the minute I walked in the room, seeing that little tiny, blue-beanie capped baby. They also have a sweet girl at home, and seeing them with their newborn brought back a ton of memories of that day we introduced Zack to Abby. My heart was so full.

She danced, wiggled, and giggled. After a full day of playing with her family, Abby was running on fumes when I brought her to the church for a preschool Easter party. She was EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, I was surrounded by friends who could also appreciate her energy. She had a blast and practically fell into bed this evening.

Now, goodnight, and thanks to all the family and friends that blessed us today!


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