silly willies


I braided Abby’s hair for the first time the other morning. This is quite a feat, considering how, um, unbraidable her fine, curly hair is. When I was done, she was so excited to show Daddy, and anyone else who she saw, her "strings".

It doesn’t matter in what mood he’s in, but lately, whenever I change Zachary, I have to duck and cover. He thinks peeing on himself is the greatest thing in the world, and will often belly laugh until his bladder’s empty. Little stinker.

Abby’s really into counting things right now, but no matter how many objects she has placed in front of her, she’ll almost always end up with two of them. "1,2,3,4,5,6 chicken nuddets! Look, Mommy, I have 2!"

Abby and her "cousin" Carter, have a love/love-a-little-less relationship that almost always ends up in an argument about who (enter any object known to man) belongs to. The other day, they were at Disneyland getting their diapers changed, and the latest argument went something like this:

Carter: My pee-pee!

Abby: No, its my pee-pee!

Carter: (Screaming) No, its my pee-pee!

Abby: (Screaming louder) No, its my pee-pee!!

And on and on they go…

I think we have another social butterfly emerging from the Williams’ family cocoon. Zack is at his happiest when someone is talking with him. He could be falling over from exhaustion, but the minute you smile at him, he might burst out in laughter, or grin like the Cheshire cat.

Abby loves to talk, but is still 2, and words sometimes give way to tantrums. But lately, Abby loves telling us when she is really thrilled about something. "Mommy, I am so happy that we are going to…". The other night, after a LONG day at Disneyland, we got our sleepy girl all strapped into her carseat. Not a minute after we started to leave, she lifts her head and says "I am so excited we went to Disneyland!" So sweet.

While visiting "the Mouse", both kids LOVED seeing the characters, but we only stood in line to meet one. Abby ran up to Pluto, and immediately started chatting and posing with him. He was a persistent Pluto, so he came over to see who was in the stroller to find Zack, almost asleep. But before Pluto knew it, Zachary had taken his ear, pulled it into his mouth, all the while laughing hysterically. To think, the poor dog just wanted to take a picture 😉 .


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  1. totally entertaining summation of D DAY….
    and Abby, by the way, has not removed her Pink Ears nor her “strings” yet!!!

    I bet PLUTO had something to talk about in the “green room”…with the other characters…

    Phil, any captions? I am not that clever!

    I would love to see inside of Abby’s dreams that night….rest asssured, things were pretty awesome!!

    Zack’s dreams????????? Showing PLUTO who’s boss!

    so fantastic!

    just the first of many…mom and dad!..xoxoxoxo

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