easter weekend


Belonging to one wonderful church, and two amazing families means that our Easter weekend was packed with lots of celebrating, egg-hunting, special treats, and of course, picture-taking.

Abby got to color eggs with BOTH families, and loved every minute.

We spent some time with my family on Saturday. The weather was perfect for attempting to taking pictures.

And here is where Zack began falling asleep . . . poor guy 😉 .

Both Grandparents gifted the little ones with precious Easter baskets full of goodies. These were just big enough to sit in . . . barely.

Then Abby got to start hunting. This year’s hunts ended way differently than last year’s.

Easter Sunday morning, Abby got to look for eggs with some of her classmates.

But the competition was a little much for her.

She walked away with a bag full of goodies, and got to go back inside to read about Jesus and make some crafts, so the morning ended well.

After church, we headed to Great-Grandma Yolly’s for lunch, naps, and more Easter fun.

Then we attempted some more pictures. When nobody else could get Zacky (who forfeited his own nap) to smile, his Daddy could 🙂 .

Overall, it was a busy weekend, but full of beautiful memories. We had the chance to reflect on life and grace . . . and felt truly thankful for Jesus’ gift to us on the cross.


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