one step forward, take a nap


Its 12am. Can’t sleep. It turns out that my mind has picked this very moment to take an inventory of what’s being stored up in it. Funny how that happens. As it turns out, the corners of my brain appear to be a little dusty, and the shelves of my mind’s warehouse are in need of refurbishing.

I’m struggling with commitment, or rather with my lack of commitment, to doing what I’ve said I was going to do. I’m getting a little bit tired of running into physical and emotional tasks that I have begun, only to set aside for finishing another time.

I’m struggling with my integrity, and my real, honest motivations for doing, saying, and being. At the end of the day, was I honest with myself? Was I real with those around me? And the whopper of a question . . . was I true to who God created me to be? Well, I’m losing sleep right now over the question, so the answer is probably a big, fat NO!

God, help me to believe that I am able to to the things that YOU have created me to do…

(I’m hopeful that you aren’t reading this in real time, as it means that you are probably struggling through some questions of your own. But if you are, try to get some rest 🙂 )



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