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Our friend, Jolene, was visiting from Washington a couple weeks back, giving us some motivation to do a little local sight-seeing. Hollywood hasn’t always been a huge deal to me. It’s where you drive through to go to Disneyland, as far as I was concerned. The only time in the recent past I had been to Hollywood Blvd. was to see shows.

Getting out of the car and on the street is an experience all its own. The last time I had done this was in high school, and it frightened me then. But for a season of his life, Josh had worked right in this area, so he was pretty stoked to show our guest around. I just wanted to make sure I knew where my wallet and my kids were at all times.

It was actually the perfect day to look around, and see all the sights (boy are there sights), and now as an adult, I found myself absolutely intrigued with this unique part of the culture. And thanks to Disney’s brilliant idea to open a little movie-themed ice cream shop right next to the El Capitan Theatre, the area is a LITTLE more kiddo friendly. So, aside from snacking, we spent a lot of time at the Hollywood & Highland Center (mostly nursing and diaper changing), a LOT of time walking up and down the Walk of Fame, and took some fab pics at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and in front of the Hollywood Sign.

Aside from getting the finger from a gentleman I apparently cut-off (ok, I really did cut him off) and from being solicited by a number of not-so-convincing costumed "actors", the day was a pleasure: the kids were fantastic, the weather was gorgeous, and we captured some wonderful memories with our dear friend.

If his parents would let him have a Facebook account, I’m pretty certain Zack would choose this picture for his profile.

Our Disney oasis.

Abby was in awe of the movie reel decorations…

…and, of course, Mickey.

We learned Josh had a star of his own this whole time 🙂 .

Our jaunt along the streets of Hollywood soon turned into a treasure hunt of sorts, as we were guided by Josh’s Walk of Fame iPhone app. Strangely, the kids were not near as amused as were were. Hmmm…

We found creepy Barney standing just outside Grauman’s, and had to snap a picture. He was not too happy that I didn’t have cash on me, and let me know all about it. Funny, he wasn’t near as nice as he is on T.V.

I was pretty determined to find Shirley Temple’s precious prints, just so I could take these pictures. Abby LOVED playing with the prints, and before we knew it, there was a crowd gathered around our own little "curly top".

Some other favs…

Finally, on our way home, we passed the church where Josh spent many a Les Miserables rehearsal during his acting years.

It was a wonderful day, and we are so looking forward to more "touristy" visits in our home state.


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  1. wow…that was a fun and memorable virtual tour, Erin and Josh!..I enjoyed it immensely…! and ABBY was too much ..I think she liked that walk of fame a little too much, eh? ha ha..How funny, she did not even care what was going on around her…so cute!

    Loved it..! Thanks ~ brought back so many exciting memories and some scary as you stated, Erin!


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