shake your groove thing


Abby has always loved dancing. More recently though, she has been really interested in dancing to hip-hop. The second she hears a beat that she can dance to, she stops whatever she’s doing to dance. I love this. I have always loved to dance. I was even voted (or voted myself as . . . I don’t remember) "Most Likely To Get Her Groove On At Her Wedding" by my classmates in high school (yeah, it was a really small school 😉 ) Don’t know that I’m "good" at it, but I can hold my own.

It is fascinating, however, that Abby has recently introduced a couple moves to her dance repertoire that may cause a person to blush. I’m not sure where she learned how to "grind", but it probably has something to do with a preschooler’s obsession with "bottoms" and other potty things. I will say that my little Rihanna is not going to be going viral on YouTube any time soon.



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  1. It’s called “The White Chick Cha Cha”…hilarious, and ironic that she “feels” the hip-hop beat! Love this…childhood attitude dancing!

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