mouths of babes


Walking into church yesterday morning, I was handed a pink booklet, titled "Happy Mother’s Day! from CCC’s Kids". Lots of kiddos were given a chance to finish statements about their moms, even the youngest talkers. Here’s some of the sweet answers, and what my girl had to say…

My mom is beautiful because…

…she doesn’t wear makeup. Sandra, age 9

…she cares for everyone and loves me. Emilie, age 10

… she’s in church. Abby, age 2

I know my mom loves me because…

…she always tell me that. Sofia, age 6

…she gives us hugs and kisses. Isabella, age 5

…she always helps me and she cares. Trevor, age 11

…I have a new alarm clock. Abby, age 2

Boy, would I love to jump into the mind of a 2-yr-old every now and then 🙂 .



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  1. I love the little stuff that the kids make in class at church for Mother’s day! We got paper flowers, the center being a picture (oh so cute) and on the back, a poem that made me cry. (like last year’s did)
    I think if you asked my 3 year old what his favorite food I make is, he would say something like “gggrrrrr, I’m a dino, I eat meat” lol 🙂
    Love your posts Erin! Brings a bright spot to my day 🙂 Hope you have a great day!!!

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