princess parade


Our little girl is 3 today! We are overjoyed. This is the first birthday where one of our kids "gets it". You know, she was looking forward to it, talked about it, and then woke up on her birthday morning super excited. This is a parenting first, and what a cool thing! So, aside from going nuts with the curling ribbon last night, I wasn’t sure how else to make her birthday morning special, since her birthday festivities wouldn’t be starting till the evening.


Well, she made up my mind for me. We needed a birthday hat, didn’t have the car to get one, so we went on a little walk . . . only she was dressed like this. She’s not usually allowed to wear her dress-up clothes out of the house, so today was really special. She lifted up her dress in her hands the whole way (about a mile there and back) so as not to let it drag. She walked straight and tall to keep her crown from falling off. People all over the place stopped to tell her how beautiful she looked (one woman screamed it out of her car window while driving by . . . little scary). Another woman insisted on hugging her in the super market. And Abby ATE . . . IT . . . UP! She told everyone she was a princess and that it was her birthday. She was sad to go home, because she wanted everyone to "see how beautiful I am". The greatest sentiment was an adorable, older neighbor of ours, who sent Abby off with "many happy returns" for her birthday.

I think Abby would agree, this was a great start to a great birthday weekend 🙂


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  1. WOW…..ABBY! what a special dress and tiara!

    I hope you have a wonderful time tonight and we will see you tomorrow for some more birthday fun!!

    Love you our little 3 year old princess!


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