celebrating a little lady


(I’m fairly certain Zack won’t notice that I posted pictures from Abby’s birthday before his. I won’t tell if you won’t, ok?)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Abby’s 3rd birthday. Our sweet girl soaked in every minute (and graciously made her way through meticulously opening all of her gifts). We had dinner on Thursday with the Downing’s, donuts on Friday morning with the Stumpo/Williams’, a trip to the Clubhouse FunZone, a Skype chat with Uncle Andy, and a Saturday playdate with her Sunday school buds. She kept it together so well, amidst all the extra special attention, and I’m certain she’s already tearing rings off a secret 4th birthday paper-chain hidden her room. Here’s just a few pics from the week.

Abby kept putting on her gold dress and her bling all week long.

She is now the proud occupant of a big girl bed.

This was how Zack looked during the big bed reveal. He was so happy!

Abby in her new toy box.

The Downing/Cook fam enjoying our new patio set (my birthday gift from ALL the family . . . thanks everyone!)

Aunt Tami showing her the fine art of coloring with big-girl crayons.

Abby and her Rolling Pin donut cake (and her new "cheese" face 🙂 ).

Zacky and his Uncle Cam.

The Stumpo/Williams/Gin fam watching the birthday girl open gifts.

She got some awesome presents from everyone. Looks like there will be another year of her dressing WAY better than her Momma 🙂 .

Abby at the FunZone. The kids would have stayed all day if they didn’t make it so apparent that naps were in order.

Zack went NUTS with all the push cars and the huge area to move around.

Carter and Abbott joined us. These two humored me with a quick picture, but didn’t slow down the whole time.

Little Fireman Abbott . . .

. . . and Josh and his Aunt MaryAnn.

Saturday morning was a gorgeous day for a playdate with Abby’s buds. They’re really starting to play WITH each other, and not just NEXT to one another.

Abby, Maddie, and Rayah had some serious girl time at the top of the slide . . .

. . . and my boys did a little bonding of their own on the ground.

What an awesome celebration for an awesome little person!


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  1. This look like the perfect way to celebrate your beautiful little girl! What an amazing, all inclusive fete! EVERYone got to enjoy this special little girl and her dear sweet family. We love and miss you all!

  2. We all enjoyed an exciting 3 day celebration of our Little Abigail Marie’s birth!

    Thank you Josh and ERin for making this time so very special for our little “gail” and families!


    Abby? Thank you for being YOU!


  3. Awwwww….thanks so much for the pictures. I sure do miss all of you so very much. Both kids are growing up so fast. Love and hugs to all of you.

  4. So fun to check out your blog- thanks for looking up ours 🙂 You do a great job documenting your family! Hopefully Abby and Maddie can enjoy some more girl time someday soon!

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