a thousand words


So, while I don’t owe you an apology for my sporadic blogging, I would like to offer you picture. There are a few things you should notice, that might help to explain where I’m at:

1) Notice my less-than-full head of hair? I think my postpartum hair loss is ceasing, but whenever I try to make sense of the whole follicle situation, I’m reminded that I still "just had a baby". 

2) Which brings me to the little man towering over me. He and his sister are kinda in charge right now. While I haven’t mastered this skill perfectly, I TRY to be flexible to their needs during the day, and they don’t seem to care too much for me sitting at my computer (even though I quite enjoy it sometimes 🙂 ).

3) Just behind Zack is a wall full of picture frames that have yet to be filled. While the house is mostly put together, I have yet to put just the right pictures up. So, even WE don’t get to see pictures of ourselves.

Why is it so hard? Well, somehow weeding through close to 20,000 pictures in your iPhoto library (no exaggeration) can be overwhelming. And when your computer finally looks at you one day and says (I’m paraphrasing), "You bettter start deleting some pictures, woman . . . or else . . . muah, ha, ha, ha!", well, that just means that you’ve just added an extremely time-consuming task to your to-do this . . . which means the picture frames will remain unfilled for a while, and blogging will need to happen when it happens (even though it drives me nuts!!!)

So, there you have it. An unnecessarily long post offering an unsolicited explanation surrounding a cute picture of my toddling son.

Stay tuned for the next unnecessary post 🙂 .


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