For a good part of my childhood, I lived on a military base. Pt. Mugu, in particular. I have fond memories of "base" life, and it always felt like such a safe place to be (must have been the armored guards). About a week ago, I got to bring the kids to my old stomping grounds, as we joined Grandpa Don at the Pt. Mugu Airshow. We actually went the day before the show for the military family day preview. Sadly, it was just too overcast for the Thunderbirds to do their thing, but we got to see a couple smaller planes practice (one of which touched down on top of a moving truck . . . awesome).

Standing amidst the hangars brought back a ton of memories for me. The smell of jet fuel, hearing Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" blaring through the sound system, the super excited announcers trying to get the crowd to appreciate the feats of the pilots, the smell of yummy international cuisine being cooked in their perspective canopies. Our family day, even though we were there for only a short time, transported me back to some of my best family memories of me and my sisters (dressed in neon from head to toe, smelling like sunscreen, sporting our fanny packs and sunglasses), following our dad around as he excitedly showed us around his work. (Sadly, at that time, the coolness factor was lost on me, but now I’ve come to realize that I got to see some seriously Top Gun stuff in my earlier years.)

One of the least desirable things about a big airshow are the sounds of the F-16 engines overhead. I was a bit concerned about how the kids would respond had the Thunderbirds performed. Personally, I think the sound is nostalgic (which could have something to do with where my old house was located in relation to the runway) . . .

Still, I was a bit concerned for the kiddos and was fully prepared to be covering their tiny ears the whole time. So, turns out it was probably best the loud planes couldn’t fly, because, just as I had anticipated, Abby did not care for the noise of ANY of the planes. But Zack? He couldn’t get enough of what he was seeing and hearing . . .

The airshow redeemed itself when Abby found out she could tour a plane AND use a freshly cleaned porta-potty (that’s a Honey Bucket to you Pacific Northwesterners 🙂 ) which she had never done previously.

While our time was brief (naps were in order), it was so fun to walk down memory lane with Josh and the kids. This time around, no fanny pack would suffice for all the toddler paraphernalia we get to cart around. But, its such a joy to make new memories from old ones with our little ones. Thanks, Grandpa Don, for the show!

(And, sorry Dad, I have to point out the adorable irony of your T-shirt 🙂 ).


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  1. For the record. The runway area pointed out is the afterburner area for jets. Shook the windows. You probably don’t miss the mosquito’s.

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