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with a purpose


A few years ago,we and Pathways Church, had the pleasure of meeting a couple who were in the middle of a very trying adoption process. They had met their 3 boys already, and turmoil in Nicaragua left them wondering, at times, if they would ever really be a family. Happily for them (and sadly for us), the brothers finally came home to their new parents shortly after we moved back to Cali. As much as I would love to still be doing life with this amazing family, I am so glad they are together in WA.

We have an opportunity, again, to be in community with another family who is engaging in another, tedious, adoption process. My friend, Melissa, has given me permission to share their adoption blog with you. I am so blessed by families who have felt the calling to adopt and bring children out of unsafe, hopeless conditions, and Ben and Melissa will be amazing parents to their third child, who will happen to be Ethiopian. The Fishers are typical, in that they also struggle with the ins and outs of parenting preschoolers and nurturing a marriage, but unique in that they are choosing to struggle through the additional stress of the adoption process. I am so blessed to know them, lucky to get to really know their hearts, and hoping that, maybe, I can use this blog to bless them.

I love coffee (and I know many who read this do as well, you Seattlites), and one of the ways you might be able to ease the financial burden of their adoption is to buy some. They’ve partnered with “Just Love” Coffee to assist in bringing their little one home. Would you consider breaking away from your normal Starbucks routine to brew some of this coffee at home?

Buy some beans, leave a comment here or on their blog, and pray for the Fisher family and their emotional and monetary journey.

Oh, and have a wonderful day!