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really living where i am


One of the things I truly desire for my family is to engage with our community. Not only with those people who share our bloodline or our beliefs, but with those we share walls, corridors, streets and fences with. We have found ourselves, for the second time in our married life, in a duplex, sharing a wall with a friend. We also live in a community of condos, homes to people of all walks of life, and many of whom are elderly and alone.

A struggle I’ve had with the job of at-home parenting is deeply desiring to serve our elderly neighbors, but not having my act together enough to do so. Jesus made it so clear that meeting the needs of the helpless is his desire for his followers, and also giving my children the opportunity to reach out their tiny, mighty, hands and hearts to serve those who struggle with day-to-day challenges would be, I feel, among the greatest things I could do for them.

So, that nagging feeling that I have felt to challenge myself more in this area was made even more clear by this afternoon’s tiny knock on our front door…delivered by dear Ms. Helen, who had brought over a birthday card for Abby (who’s birthday it is not…but that’s neither here nor there). Knowing how much her hip has been bothering her this last year, I know what a struggle it must have been to get ready, come out of her home and down her steps, to bless us.

Now its our turn…