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last couple days


Been wanting to update you all on our life the last couple days. Here it is in a nutshell…

-We have been scrambling to change our plans and expectations for Zack’s arrival, since we got the call that the hospital is booked on the day we had originally planned on. While we knew there was a “slim chance” of this happening, I still got my hopes up for being induced on Wed. Now, our options are to go in tomorrow, a week from tomorrow, or wait for him. The real issue has been that we want to maximize his and Abby’s time with our families, for all the help they’ll bring, and so that they can get some good Grandkid love. Just goes to show you how little control we really have over life, and maybe . . . just maybe . . . I’ll learn to accept that God’s plans are way more beautiful than the ones I try to orchestrate.

We’ll keep you posted!

-Abby’s decided she’s too busy exploring and playing to eat. This is one of those normal toddler things . . . but it makes me crazy! Otherwise, she is doing really well. We sense that she knows about an impending change, and have tried to make it a point to talk very openly about her brother. But our hearts have been heavy for her, since she has NO IDEA what’s about to happen. Again, that is why we are so thankful our families are going to make the journey up.

-My birthday was yesterday, and involved a sweet husband who prepared a delicious breakfast, a couple homemade cards from Abby, a fab sale at Old Navy, a wonderful nap, and more than a couple rounds of singing and dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ (which Abby is obsessed with right now!)

-With the exception of being really tired and a little uncomfortable, I am feeling really well right now. Its ironic that I have been sick throughout the whole pregnancy, and now, in my 40th week, I feel great . . . and contraction-free. This is slightly frustrating, since I would have LOVED to go into labor naturally. But, it didn’t with Abby who was past due, and something tells this pregnancy is heading in the same direction.

-Today is Father’s Day, and we are hoping to spend some good quality time together. Our neighbors have invited us over for some yummy Middle Eastern cuisine, and we may enjoy a little trip to the park (pending rain). But nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” like having to pack for the hospital, and putting away last minute laundry to make way for the arrival of family members . . . tiny ones and ones we have waited WAY TOO LONG to see.

Can’t wait to share a little more about our journey this week.


busy bodies


We’ve had so much going on the last week and a half, and so many pictures have been taken, but I am exhausted. So rather than do a whole bunch of posts, here’s the lowdown…

A tour of Starbucks corporate, thanks to Carrie

A bachelorette party that ended in a trip to the hospital. Ok, actually I had to leave when the party was just getting started. Just a few too many pre term contractions.

A trip to the market…

The wedding of our dear friends, the Fowlers

A visit to the Needle

A knock on the door and surprise visit by my best friend from So. Cal…

A heat wave and a trip to the lake

Lots of time for Abby to share her Mommy with a baby boy…

A taxi ride through the mall…

A delightful baby shower for me and little Zack, thanks to the Nussbaums

And a Daddy who can’t wait for more moments playing with a baby girl AND boy.

survey says…


I’m convinced that the “condition” of pregnancy is one of the most challenging to wrap your brain around. Here, you spend close to 9 months, dealing with a few, it not ALL of the most random symptoms (some of them very debilitating, mind you) all the while you can’t really complain, because of the most incredible end result. And the crazy thing is, you would do it 5 lifetimes over for that child.

We had our regular check-up yesterday with my OBGYN (or Doctor Vagina, according to Abby…don’t ask) whom we LOVE who reminded me that its ok to HATE being pregnant, and then proceeded to raise her hand in the air, and “confess” that, as an OB, she HATED being pregnant (which she says is like a cardinal sin to admit). I sat there on the fabulous stirrup table, close to tears as I reminded her that women don’t typically talk about how much they hated pregnancy, then she reminded me that parents also don’t talk about their children when they’re bad, even through you know they are on occasion. I needed to hear that.

So, I need to confess… I HATE being pregnant, and 6 weeks to go DOES feel like an eternity. While my husband and all my fabulous girlfriends around me think I’m “so cute”, I’m done and just want to hold this little baby IN MY ARMS!

Well, here’s my question. We have a lot of readers to this blog, and I’m sure many of you are women who have had children. Be honest…did you LOVE or HATE being preggers.

Please comment! Oh please. This is totally FMI (For My Information), the morning after another sleepless night. Help a Sister out!

under my skin


I don’t even know my son, but he’s already starting to irritate me. Well, my skin, rather. A couple days ago, my skin exploded into what appeared to be hives. After a few chats with a few docs, it turns out that I am probably suffering from Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPS), which is a pregnancy induced form of hives. As in most pregnancy conditions, there is no hard-and-fast proof of what causes it, but I thought this theory was the most interesting…


I am hoping this little guy wants to show up early, cause if I acquire one more annoying random pregnancy condition, I am checking myself into the mental hospital early, and not leaving without this little guy in my arms.

(BTW-Don’t Google itchy skin looking for images. I’m going to scrape my eyeballs now.)

tiny pink pick-me-up


I have been feeling a little stressed lately, with getting the house back in order from the plague and getting ready for Zack. But, this moment made my week…

My good friend Lesa (and faithful blog-reader and commenter 🙂 ), gave birth to Bristol Lynn on Monday evening. Mom is recovering from a C-Section but doing well (and looked lovely, I might add) and baby girl Bristol is as BEAUTIFUL as can be. Yesterday, I got to go and visit with mommy and baby…sans toddler…and suddenly, I gained a whole lot of perspective. I REALLY loved holding that sweet baby. And I tell you, I do have an affinity for the pink, but I am getting really excited to hold a little blue bundle-oh-joy.

sleep a wink


It began with my engorging myself on two too many decadent brownies at my ladies Bible study . . . which sentenced me to a few hours worth of reflux . . .which probably contributed to the strange dream I had during the half-hour portion of the evening that I did sleep, involving ankle-nibbling snakes (which dream-Josh chivalrously conquered) . . . which led to my waking up, kicking the covers off my dripping-with-sweat legs (because it was a whopping 55 degrees in our bedroom) . . . at which point I realized that my son was performing his own version of "One" from A Chorus Line, high-kicking his little legs into the right side of my ribcage and tipping his top-hat into my bladder . . . which led to at least 3 trips to the restroom (who knows, I lost count) . . . which gave me plenty of time to think about the kindness of an old friend and wonder how she’s doing . . . during which I was listening to the sounds of my toddler through the monitor, periodically searching for her "nuk" and talking in her sleep about coloring . . . which finds me downstairs, on the couch, at 4am, getting ready to give it another go.

Goodnight . . . err . . .Good morning.