visit con our familia…part uno (spanglish for “visit with our family…part 1”)


For the first couple weeks of Zack’s life, our families came from Cali to visit and give us some much needed help. Josh’s family visited first, followed by my family. We were pretty busy with activity, but we had a wonderful time with our loved ones.

Our visit with Grandma Dell and Great Aunt Marianne included lots of snuggling and spoilage for the little ones, breaking in the double-wide stroller, a chance to celebrate Aunt Marianne’s birthday at the Seattle Aquarium, a sad goodbye to a trusty toddler flip-flop, a whole lot of playtime and walks to the park, and a surprise early birthday present for Abby.


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  1. What a great big sister present!!! Happy early birthday Abby (oh my goodness she will be 2 next month!!) I totally love that she said “bless you” to her brother! She is so sweet! Thank you Zacky for letting your mommy post fun stories for us!!! XOXO

  2. Yes, Zack,thanks SO much for letting your mommy blog! Erin, those are some really great pictures and it looks like there was no short supply of attention for Abby 😉 I’m glad your families could be here to meet Zack, spend time with you and love on you. 🙂

  3. Oh, don’t know what to say!!!! Just absolutely the best! First, saying “bless you” to baby Zack when he sneezed, which I remember he was doing day one!…and each day after!..He is so adorable when he did that, and for her to keep saying..”bless you”…OMGOSH..!

    Then, her excitement was so heartwarming..she gets so excited like it was the best thing ever!…and then, saying the word, “MICROWAVE”…..! Ever so memorable!

    Thank you josh and erin for sharing this with us..We really are humbled by your posting and savor each moment reliving our trip with the pictures..!

    With love and gratefulness,
    Aunt Maryanne and G. Dell xoxo

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