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another go…


Life has settled down a bit, and I’m reengaging with blogging. This time with a commitment to posting more about the process of life, and less time spent on presenting the product. And since its really too late to write about anything that would make sense, here’s a picture of a good moment with 2 of the loves of my life…


blog fog


Every day, there are about two hundred moments that I wish to blog about. Something the kids said or did, a conversation that I had with my husband or a friend, or simply some new thought or idea that stirs around in brain . . . just itching to be heard, read, or spewed out, if only for the purpose of never having to be thought about again.

Generally, I’m a quiet person, but over the last few years have come to realize that I have to express my heart, in spoken, written, or even typed words. I love to watch my world move around me, and comment on what I am seeing or experiencing. When I communicate these observations, I am healed, and my eyes are often opened to what God wants me to know about Him and His purpose.

The struggle? If I were to stop to write at the moment I have a thought or a story I want to share with the blog world, what does that communicate to my children? "Hold on sweetheart, that thing you just did was so cute . . . I must now spend the next half-hour to forty-five minutes documenting it. Oh, and can you make that face again? Cause I need to take a picture of that adorable thing you did for my latest post."

I know this is a modern day struggle, "Whoa is me . . . I have no time to blog!", but maybe this struggle is simply about not being able to find the time to capture my thoughts, and reflect on why it is that am lying on the floor, letting graham-cracker encrusted, snotty-nosed munchkins, kiss me all over my face and climb on me like a jungle gym. I am getting the feeling, from more and more moms who have waded through the murky, rapid moving waters of raising young children, that this time is the most precious time I will ever have with my kids, and possibly the most precious time I will experience as a human.

I believe this is true. And my understanding of this reality is compelling me to figure out how to allow myself the opportunity to laugh, breathe, cry, scream, sigh, and smile, alone with my thoughts, and fully present with God.

(I would love your thoughts, or the "What I Did’s" of your past. I would also love to know if you share in this struggle with me . . . please 😉 .)

alive and almost well


I don’t have time to do a "real" post, but I wanted to let you know we are doing well, having all been a little under the weather . . . and God has been so good to us. We are still without internet at home, but as soon as I can, I will share what’s going.

Currently, I am at Starbucks, buckling down on homework that I am behind on, so I will leave you with this picture of me, wet from the Seattle-like weather we are experiencing, and sporting huge bags under my eyes, similar to those that I brought home with my newborn son. Love to you all, and can’t wait to share our story!

becoming parents


We celebrated a couple of birthdays yesterday. First, the birth of little Amos Jerald, whom we have been very excited about meeting for a while. And thanks to little Amos, we celebrated the birth of two parents.

Josh and I were on pins and needles yesterday, thinking about Ken and Brenda and all they were experiencing for the first time. It is always so special welcoming a new life into the world, but welcoming a precious baby into the arms of NEW parents has a whole new meaning for us. We loved this couple before baby Amos came along, but there is a small part of me that is excited to have someone else "understand" what complete joy…and frustration…and anxiety…and sacrifice…and on…and on…that parenting introduces to your life.

Ken has been keeping a blog about his journey to becoming a daddy which is appropriately named… Becoming Daddy. Check it out with a tissue in your hand.

happy new year!


Hello Friends and Family-

Its been so very long since I’ve posted and there’s so much to share…but I won’t do that today. Due to a lack of space on my hard drive, I have to remove a ton of pictures (of Abby) to make room for all of the pictures (of Abby) we took on our trip home. I will tell you I am working on it, and hope to be posting daily soon. Josh and I also had a wonderful Christmas gift in the form of an amazing ultrasound that I can’t wait to share, so keep checking in.

For now, Happy New Year from the Wills and looking forward to getting the posts and comments going soon.

hormonal hindrance


While finding out that we were going to be parenting another precious child has brought us great joy, morning (noon, night) sickness has completely consumed all of our lives for the last 35 (but who’s counting?) days. This is a terribly frustrating thing since there is much to be done, and strangely, while sitting at a computer seems like an easy enough thing to do while being sick, I have had no desire to even open up my laptop most days (which is nuts if you know me). Phone calls have been put on hold, and emails are sitting in my inbox, just waiting to be answered. I guess managing a 15 month old, and perpetually feeling nauseous, have proven to be a greater task than I could have imagined. If it weren’t for the patience (and strangely high puke tolerance) of my husband, who has worn his mommy hat more than ever before (including being the sole poopy diaper changer), our little family would be in trouble.

That brings me to another frustrating thing about be so stinkin sick. I have so many things I want to blog about, it may take me a year to catch you all up. There are so many people to thank for their kindness over the last few weeks, and so many pictures and videos of Abby doing her Abby thing.

Well, the past few days I have gotten the idea that I may be leveling off in the nausea department, and have actually gotten a few things done around the house. I hope to be blogging regularly soon. Thank you so much for checking in, and for all your sweet comments lately.

greek to me


OK, I’ll stop with the cryptic posts and just let you know that I (Erin) am really diving into this whole blogging things. In my quest to find a hobby that gives me a little break from laundry, class, diapers, and baby talk, I have decided that I wanted to move from having WordPress host my blog, to hosting one myself. The theory behind this brilliant thought is that I will be able to be much more creative with WillBeContinued, including a new design (happiness!), media, and so on.

However . . .

I forgot that in order to truly be in control of your own site you have to learn a new language…HTML. I know a little bit about this code thing from (giggle) playing around with my MySpace profile, but this blog/website thing is much more in depth.

Enter my plea for help (from those of you who were once in my shoes):

-I want to transfer ALL my posts from our old site to the new one. Does anyone know of a SUREFIRE way of breaking down the old blog file? We’ve tried a couple of different "file-splitting" programs that have only worked halfway (which is weird). And our previous blog posts well exceed the 2mg max. import allowance.

-There is ONE simple (well, I think it should be simple) change I want to make to the existing new blog. Is there a HTML "tutor" out there for those of us who are just starting out?

Thank you all for reading. This little family blog is continuing to grow, and for some reason, people keep comin’ back for more (pretty sure its Abby). Looking forward to sharing more from the Williams Fam!